Unfortunately not! No agency could possibly guarantee work, as they have no idea what work will come into their offices from one day to the next, so will never know in advance who a client may select for their assignment. If an agency tells you they can guarantee your child work, then avoid them!

We are extremely selective with the children we take onto our books. We will only take on those we feel have a good chance of getting work, whether this be for modelling, acting or indeed both. Child modelling can be extremely rewarding for both child and the parent. The earning potential is extremely favourable as a baby or child can be paid anything from £50 per hour, right up to several hundred pounds for just a day’s work. There is also great satisfaction in seeing your child on TV, in a magazine, in a catalogue or on a new pack of Pampers, the joy of which can often outweigh any amount of money earned.

Clients approach Little London Kids every day with different requests for a varied range of personalities and appearances. However babies and children do need to be able to enjoy what they are doing and get on with other children, adults and strangers.

If you think your baby or child has what it takes to become a model then complete our online application and upload a few photographs.

If successful you will be able to proceed with an online portfolio and who knows, you could see your baby appearing anywhere from a national TV ad, packaging campaign or maybe even a front cover magazine.

Should your child be accepted to join the agency, although we do not charge ‘registration fees’, you will be asked to cover the cost of an individual, fully searchable web page for your child, which is currently £40 including VAT for one year for the casting division, which covers commercials, TV, film, stage and any other. If you would prefer your child to just be submitted for photographic modelling, this fee will be taken from your child’s first earnings. This is in compliance with the BIS, as the current legislation states that an upfront work finding service fee cannot be charged to those working as a photographic model only. The website fee also includes any updates to your child’s details throughout the year. Children must have head shots taken either with one of our agency photographers or an alternative suitable high quality photographer at least once a year.

The agency earns from commission. We take the standard 30% commission on all fees (excluding travel expenses). Fittings/Theatre/Stage and invoices totalling £100 or less – 20% As we do not charge high registration fees, it is therefore clearly in the agency’s best interest to secure your child work.

We will put your child forward for all assignments your child meets the criteria for. As and when a client contacts us to ask to meet your child for a casting or book them for a shoot, we will contact you immediately. Sometimes we might contact you beforehand if the client requests us to do so to confirm availability on a number of shortlisted models or maybe to confirm a specific detail. We will not contact you each and every time your child is submitted for work as we simply do not have the time. It is obviously crucial that parents continuously keep the agency informed of any changes including holiday dates.

How to update your child’s profile page

0-3mths – Monthly 

3-18mths – 3-monthly 

18mths-3yrs – 6 monthly 

Over 3’s – Yearly images, but more frequently if they change!

Height & Clothing Size – check monthly to be fully up to date. 

The agency does not insist on professional photographs on their website. Snapshots are fine, but must look professional. They MUST be of an adequate standard to be viewed by our clients, or cannot be used. 

It is the parents responsibility to ensure the images are of a high enough standard to send to our clients and to ensure the profile is kept up to date. The agency has a duty of care to the company and will only submit those to a client that they feel are suitable for their needs and to represent us as an agency.

Please ensure images are taken on a clear background, no hats, dummies, dirty faces, other people in shot. We are unable to submit to clients images of children strapped into car seats, high chairs, with food around their mouths or with dummies and cannot display images showing other people not registered with the agency. Most importantly, make sure you have ample lighting, daylight is always best. Please use a nice plain wall, clear of other objects and people. Hair should be worn down to show colour, length and texture. Please don’t use images of your child with wet hair.


Ideally you need a minimum of 2 x smiley head shots (slots 1 and 2) and 2 x full length (slots 3 and 4) showing body frame & size

1) Place a chair infront of a plain white, or light coloured/blank wall.

2) Turn it sideways facing to the left or right

3) Sit holding baby sideways on to the camera and pop baby on your lap

4) Turn baby to face the camera, using your hand to support baby’s neck and back from behind. Lean back, thus keeping yourself and your hands out of sight of the camera, creating an effect that baby is sitting up on their own.

5) Now have your ‘photographer’ snap away! Babies will not generally smile on demand so you may have to encourage smiling and take plenty of shots to catch that perfect smile.

6) The agency will check your images after upload and help choose the best to use for promoting your baby.

7) Full length – At this age they are best photographed on a blanket, on the floor and on their side, or tummy. Get down to their level and make it fun time to get lots of smiles.


Shot 1 & 2

Headshot, looking at camera, standing against a plain, light coloured background (wall, blanket). Have them tilt their head just slightly on an angle, smiling and eyes bright and wide.

Avoid the folding of arms as that encourages shoulders to hunch up and can look uncomfortable. Hair and head should be clear (no hats!), hair natural so show colour, length and style. 

Shot 3 & 4

Full length, sitting or standing

These can prove more difficult to take with toddlers. The best suggestions for this is to first stand them in-front of a plain background area and then pose yourself to get them to copy you as a game while someone else snaps away.

If you find this difficult put some music on and encourage them to dance. These shots always look rather cute and more natural.

For a perfect and natural sitting shot sit them on a blanket and photograph them while they are playing. Ensure to use images where they are looking up or at the camera.


Here are a few reminders to help your profiles look their best for clients.

1) If you have professional images on your profile try to not deface the quality by adding poor quality snapshots into the other slots. It is better to have nothing in the last slots than poor shots. Clients do like to see a mixture of snaps and pro images but try to keep them to a standard. 

2) Please read your experience & hobbies field. Ensure you don’t have ’no experience’, or similar, written within those fields – if so remove it to help with promotion. Do not write anything negative. For babies/toddler please include whether they are rolling, sitting, standing etc.

3) It is vitally important that you do not have a website address written in your experience or hobbies field. We cannot be held responsible for a child not being submitted to a client if the parent does not remove these.

4) As and when your child loses teeth and they grow back, please put this info on your profile. Likewise, the same applies to braces.

5) Make the agency aware of dates you cannot make a casting, or shoot please. There is nothing worse than a client wishing to see/book a model only for us to then be told by the parent that they are away on holiday!

7) Check and update your sizes monthly and always enter in centimetres not inches.

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